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Change Enablement is a training, coaching and advisory company that equips leaders, managers and employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and adopt change in order to achieve organisational success.

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Addressing unexpected change while keeping change management momentum going are top priorities these days for businesses trying to stay ahead. Our Change Management Certification is an online or face to face, and is an interactive learning experience. Participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives—no matter how complex or urgent.

This program is the perfect solution when you’re…

  • Tackling new must-win projects
  • Implementing changes impacting your remote workforce
  • Addressing resistance to your change
What is change management

Change management applies a consistent framework and discipline to organisations and projects that helps to drive and manage the employee adoption of new systems, products and processes.

Change management strategies and plans are designed to ensure:

  • Employees adopt change faster; become more proficient and effective helping achieve your project’s return on investment sooner.
  • Re-work costs associated with people not using the new system or process or doing it poorly are avoided
  • Realisation of the benefits of your change – it’s the people who need to make change effective and change management helps achieve that.
  • Your organisation meets your objectives – data shows that projects with effective change management are more likely to meet objectives, stay on schedule and budget.

Drive Change Successfully in your Organisation

At Change Enablement, we work with organisations at all levels to equip them with the right skills to manage change successfully. We help make change an intrinsic part of an organisation’s culture so that it is ready to handle anything in the constantly changing world. We do this by:

  • Equipping employees to deal with and successfully manage change across all levels of the organisation through our world leading change management courses
  • Preparing organisations through our consulting and advisory services, using the latest methods and techniques in change management, based on the research based Prosci

Contact us today and find out how we can help your organisations navigate the constancy of change by building resilience to change and expertise within your organisations to manage change.

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