Companies in the 21st century operate in a world that is constantly changing. Whether it is a new operating environment, market place opportunity or competitive pressure, a successful company needs to be nimble, responsive and adaptive. It needs to be resilient to the constancy of change.

In fact, change needs to be an intrinsic part of the organisation’s culture to be successful in the current age.

Yet many organisations have a culture that can not handle change because they rely on old, outdated models of change. Or worse, they have no plan for managing change at all.

That’s where Change Enablement come in.

We help prepare organisations so that they have the resilience to change that is so important for success in today’s and tomorrow’s business.

We work with organisations at all levels to equip them with the right skills so that change becomes intrinsic to the culture. Our methods mean that change becomes sustainable across all activities that a company needs to perform to maintain its success.

At Change Enablement, we draw on the very latest in change management research and practices. This ensures our clients are ready to navigate the ever changing environment of today’s business world.


  • Equip people at all levels of an organisation to successfully manage change through our change management courses (Prosci)
  • Provide advisory services
  • Offer consulting services

Change Enablement’s credentials

Change Enablement has the experience and proven track record to work with your organisation to secure its future through the labyrinth of change.

The founding directors have over 50 years combined experience in change management and leadership. They also use methods that are backed by the latest research in change management.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation successfully manage change.

Many years ago, companies used to get away with just providing basic training and communications as a way to manage change. Current research shows why that doesn’t work and proves that a more holistic approach based on working with individuals.

We would love to talk to you more about what the research says and how it can work to keep your organisation meeting the challenges of the ever changing business world we now operate in. Contact us at

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