Change Enablement delivers key note Change Management breakfast briefing in Singapore

May 20, 2016

Change Enablement in Singapore

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. Einstein

This was the opening quote at the recent Executive Breakfast in Singapore where Change Enablement presented the keynote address.

Sponsored by Thakral One the event’s audience comprised a mix of senior business and banking executives, many of them in the thick of managing large projects and major change initiatives.

The question we wanted to address was: If companies are spending millions of dollars on transformations, technology and project management, why is there still such a large failure rate and low return on investment from their investments?

Jeff Hackeson, Founder and Managing Director of Change Enablement led the discussion on the topic of “Project Benefits Realisation with Change Management”.

It’s a fair observation that while most attendees were not familiar with either entity, almost everyone at the event acknowledged that they are currently dealing with major changes in their projects and their organisations, and that building a competency around change management was essential to themselves, their teams and their businesses.

Jeff’s presentation covered

  • Positioning projects for strategic success
  • Positioning projects for sponsorship success
  • Positioning organisations for change success

The latest 2016 Prosci Best Practices in Change Management findings on banking provided key insights:

  • Traditional cultures within a well-structured and successful industry did not have people centric cultures
  • In the industry companies often focussed on technical solutions and measurable success (i.e. return on investment and profits) rather than interpersonal relations/human variables
  • Sponsorship and resources to support change were contingent on proving the return on investment of change management

Lively discussions and priceless examples of poor change management were shared. It seemed everyone had a story of change gone wrong.

During a robust question and answer session, we learned what is really on the minds of leaders at the forefront of technology implementation:

  • How do we engage middle managers in helping to drive the change?
  • How do we create the desire (referring to the D of ADKAR)?
  • What is the best way of communicating change?
  • How does culture impact on resistance and the change management efforts?
  • How do we develop change management as an enterprise wide competency?

A summary of key points to leave the audience with were:

  • The ability to deliver results, outcomes and return on investment for your organisations directly impacted by how effectively you manage change
  • Supporting and equipping individual transitions is critical to reaching a desired future state
  • The Prosci® ADKAR® Model is a goal-oriented and proven change management model to guide individual and organisational change
  • Change Enablement supports organisations by building their internal capability across leadership, projects and change

For Prosci change management and if you are interested in having this presentation delivered in your organisation, please contact us via email at or phone +61 0418 205 182. The presentation is aimed at senior executives and sponsors, and can be customised for project managers, change managers and project teams.

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