Change Management in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

August 22, 2021

In this blog post, we have one of our amazing Prosci Change Management certified trainers, Thanes Chelliah, give us her thoughts on what is happening in the Asia Pacific region within the change management space.

What are the latest trends you are seeing in Change Management within Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? 

Interestingly, what I have witnessed through the last few years, is the growing mindset of employees who started to ask “why” for every action they performed. This has caused a slight disruption initially. And, the management thought it will go away over a time period. What shocked them was it did not disappear, rather the gap grew bigger. 

The more things happened in the organisation, the more people wanted to know “why”. Change is constant as people call it, but people are not constant as it requires them to adapt and adjust.

This is the biggest trend I am seeing now happening in Asia and my own country. Can people adjust and adapt merely with the provided surface information? Is that all they want to know in order to perform better?

Many analyses were done to deeply understand the aspect of people moving towards the growing mindset. The more it was looked into, the more the management realised how crucial it is to get the people on board. Because doing so ensures organisational growth. Compared with early 2014, many organisations now want to know how to manage the people side of change.  We have seen Asia growing at a tremendous speed with people development. This includes an increase in the number of graduates supported by technology advancement. If we are unable to match and manage the people towards the ever-changing environment in the organisation, then growth will be a challenge. Value realisation will be invincible in the process.

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What advise could you give to a change manager when practicing and managing change in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

Never ever underestimate the potential of human mind and performance in creating a difference in the business world. Gone are the days where people just follow instructions without questioning. Now you are looking at a powerful set of people with hidden potential. Potential which needs to be managed and aligned towards business goal. You can create this by allowing a platform for them to understand the journey before they make a decision to follow you. This is where a Change Manager plays an extraordinary role in the transition process. You are there to bridge the current and future state for the employee. Without that, you will end up having employees working towards only their personal goals and not the organisational goal. Asia provides a multi-culture environment with unique values for each employee. If we fail to manage it, then we are also looking at various levels of resistance from the employee’s end. This may affect the overall performance of the organisation. Remember, when you apply force, you will end up monitoring them. But when they are willing, then sustainability will not be an issue.

What are the benefits of having your Prosci Change Management Certification in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysi

I like to put it simple. It’s like having a home with a well-planned design and structure in creating continuous happiness and harmony among the family. That’s how I like to put Prosci Change Management. As it does not only define a well-structured process, but anticipate many possible points. It prepares people for challenges in a mannered way. It empowers people to adopt, adjust and ensure every deliverable brings value to the organisation. So, the question here is. would you like to have a happy and harmonious value-driven organisation? If yes, then Prosci Change Management has the solution for you. The longer you wait, the longer the process of people adoption towards change is going to be. And, the longer you are going to take to see the actual value. Only people can drive value!

About the author

Thanes Chelliah

Change Advocate, Business Change Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator

Thanes Chelliah has 24 years of experience in financial industry with focus on multiple projects, and has created in-depth knowledge in operations, sales and marketing, projects, human resources, and business process where handling the people side was the most challenging yet fulfilling towards achieving result.

To read more about Thanes, click here to read her full bio.  

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