Does your change management approach tick all the boxes? FREE checklist

August 08, 2017

How do you manage change in your organisation? If you’ve ever wondered if your change management approach is on track to helping you achieve your project objectives then take a moment to review this handy checklist. From change management planning to reinforcing change and all the steps in between, Prosci has a practical and comprehensive solution to enabling change. How many boxes can you tick?

 Change management planning

Have you…

  • Identified project results and outcomes?
  • Selected and applied a systematic approach for managing the people side of change?
  • Allocated sufficient and dedicated resources for change management?
  • Assessed change readiness and risk, and adapted accordingly?
  • Engaged project teams to explain why and how change should be effectively managed? Developed the necessary change management plans?
  • Integrated your change management activities into your project management steps or lifecycle?
  • Presented your change management plans to those involved in the execution (sponsors, project teams, etc)?


Have you…

  • Developed your primary sponsor’s understanding of roles and responsibilities?
  • Enabled your primary sponsor to deliver key communications that are expected from senior leadership?
  • Drawn up the sponsor assessment diagram (with leaders from all impacted groups) needed for your initiative?
  • Enabled your sponsor to build this coalition with the required senior leaders?


Have you…

  • Identified all of the different audiences you need to communicate with throughout the organisation?
  • Identified who the ideal sender of communication messages will be?
  • Identified the most effective channels of communication?
  • Created mechanisms to enable two-way communication?


Have you…

  • Created the expectation that managers and supervisors will be coaches of their direct reports during change?
  • Prepared coaches to communicate the “what’s in it for me” messages to their direct reports?
  • Provided the knowledge, training and tools to help supervisors be effective coaches?
  • Taught your change coaches how to identify and respond to resistance?

Resistance management

Have you…

  • Proactively identified what resistance might look like? Proactively identified where resistance is likely to come from?
  • Developed measures to prevent or mitigate resistance before it happens?
  • Developed an approach to deal with resistance when it occurs?


Have you…

  • Identified current skill levels?
  • Identified skill gaps?
  • Created engaging training programs aligned with adult learning theory?
  • Effectively scheduled training when people need it?


Have you…

  • Created a system to track the adoption and usage of the new solution?
  • Established a way to gather feedback from those who are being impacted by the change? Implemented mechanisms for diagnosing gaps and resistance?
  • Prepared methods for celebrating successes (even small ones) during implementation?

To learn how to implement the steps identified in this checklist join us at the Prosci Change Management Certification Program.

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