Enabling Change – Change Enablement collaborates with your organisation to successfully align leadership/sponsorship, project management and change management.


Change Enablement will collaborate with your entire organisation to understand your current change capability and assist you to plan and deliver your future capability needs. Prosci research over 20 years tells us that projects and change succeed when an organisation aligns and combines strong leadership/sponsorship, project management and change management.

Our experienced team will work with your organisation across all three of these key change enablers. We have experience with a wide range of industries and business sectors helping organisations build capability

We do this by building the capabilities of people in a way that empowers them to embrace and support change.

Our training methodology and processes are powered by Prosci – the world leader in benchmarking research and change management products.

Change Enablement will partner with your organisation to make change initiatives successful and sustainable.

We will help:

  • Employees adopt change faster; become more proficient and effective helping achieve your project’s return on investment sooner.
  • Avoid costs associated with people not using the new system or process or doing it poorly.
  • Realise the benefits of your change – it’s the people who need to make change effective and change management helps achieve that.
  • You meet your objectives – data shows that projects with effective change management are more likely to meet objectives, stay on schedule and budget.
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