Experience Change and Innovation

Change Enablement have partnered with world leading innovation and capability-building training company ExperiencePoint

Together we help organizations build the skills and conditions for innovation to thrive and become self-sustained.

Our approach is simple, swift and scalable, which is why we’re trusted by over half of the Fortune 100. And many that aspire to be there, too!

The ExperiencePoint Method trains people and organizations

We know that training people how to innovate is only half of the journey towards creating a lasting culture of innovation. Equally important is our principle that organizations need teaching too. Why? Organizations, like people, can be creatures of habit. Old routines and behaviors that impede innovation can be stubbornly entrenched in company culture through traditional systems, structures and norms.

That’s why there are two key components to the ExperiencePoint innovation capability system: 

the Right Skills and the Right Conditions.

We help your people become better innovators.


Experience Innovation – Aware

ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware is ideal for raising your people and organization’s awareness of human-centered design as an approach to problem-solving and innovation. Participants gain an understanding of the tools and mindsets of human-centered design.


Experience Change – Simulation Workshop

ExperienceChange™  provides a simple, easy-to-use framework for everyone involved in managing change. Our expert-guided workshop helps participants execute on your ideas while teaching participants the essentials of successful change.


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