Latest trends in change management

June 18, 2016

“The only thing that is constant in change” – Herclitius

If change management is all about change, it makes sense that there must be changes happening in the field of change management.

One way to keep up with those changes is to read the famous “Best Practices In Change Management – 2016” Report from Prosci. It culminates two decades of research and insights from over 4,520 participants from 56 countries.

The comprehensive report covers a broad range of topics including the latest trends.

In this year’s report, it revealed the top three trends:

  • More people were aware of the need for change management
  • Companies are dedicating more resources to change initiative
  • Change management is integrating more with project management

This is great news if you are a change management practitioner. It shows that more organisations value the role a dedicated change manager plays within strategic initiatives in a company. It means that it will become easier for a change manager to get resources to help them on change projects. On a practical level, it shows that projects are recognising the need for the people side of change to be managed alongside the technical side.

These trends are also great news for companies. In recognising the need for dedicated specialists to support change initiatives, it means that organisations are less likely to suffer the consequences of handling change poorly. They will benefit from a good ROI if their change resources are equipped properly to manage change.

We know from research that when change management is practised properly, it reaps great results for an organisation.

An interesting finding from the 2016 report was that Asian countries are behind other countries when it comes to embracing change. They are not equipped to handle change within the organisation and so suffer as a result.

Being able to adapt to change and demonstrate agility is a key attribute for a 21st century company that wants to survive. That’s why building change capability into the organisation is key to success.

Change Enablement offers a full range of courses and services to help organisations build change capability. The courses and services are based on the proven Prosci methodology and two decades of comprehensive research.

If you are a change manager looking to be accredited by Prosci as a change practitioner, or you have staff that need help in building change capability, contact us to see how Change Enablement can help you improve your ROI.

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