Prosci Certification Course in Asia Pacific

November 08, 2020

At Change Enablement, we offer the Prosci Change Management Certification online throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Regions.

This year in 2020, we moved our courses to a virtual class and we have received positive feedback on our interactive learning sessions.

This blog post is summary of the amazing classes and students we have had this year.

Prosci Certification Class from Vietnam

This was a private group of students based in Vietnam, from an organisation that specialises in insurance. Their goal is to gain the knowledge and skills to drive change initiatives in their ogranisation.

Prosci Certification Class from Hong Kong and Australia

This was a public course where we had a mix of students from Hong Kong and Australia. Their individual goals were to invest their professional development and get Prosci certified.

Prosci Certification Class from all over Asia

This was a public course group where we had a mix of learners from all over Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea. Their individual goals were all unique including using the ADKAR model to manage new projects and using the ADKAR Change model to win new initiatives.

Prosci Certification Course from Indonesia and Philippines

This was a public course where the group were from Indonesia, Philippines, as well as Japan and Hong Kong. They were super excited to receive their Prosci Certification.

Prosci Certification from Australia and New Zealand

This was a public course where the majority of the learners were from Australia and New Zealand. We had students from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. During the program, they applied holistic change management methodology to their current projects. By the end of the program, these participants have a change management plan designed to effectively manage change and enhance their project results.

If you are interested in getting your Prosci Certification and you are based in Asia-Pacific, click here to learn more

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