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Are you looking to develop your career and manage change better?

Join the 45,000 Prosci-certified change practitioners who are equipped with everything they need to apply change management on a project and gain the most requested and sought-after change management certification in the discipline.

The Prosci Certification Course helps individuals and organisations manage change effectively through the application of a research-based change management methodology and toolset.

Program Overview:

Prosci’s Virtual Instructor-Led Change Management Certification Program is an online, interactive, three-day learning experience where participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. During the program, they apply holistic change management methodology to a current project. By the end of the program, participants have a change management plan designed to effectively manage change and enhance project results.

Who should attend

We welcome and encourage any individuals to attend Prosci’s Virtual Instructor-Led Change Management Certification Program. You’ll find this program especially beneficial if you are responsible for driving change on a team or across an organization.

Our most frequent attendees are:

  • Change leaders
  • Project managers
  • Change management practitioners
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • IT professionals
  • Human resource business partners
  • Organizational development professionals
  • Project team members

Learning Objectives

By completing the Virtual Instructor-Led Change Management Certification Program, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of change and change management
  • Understand how effective change management improves organizational results
  • Articulate the value of change management to peers and leaders with a presentation on the business case for change management
  • Have a change management plan
  • Learn to apply the Prosci 3-Phase Process change management methodology to a real project
  • Learn how to apply the Prosci ADKAR® Model to facilitate individual change
  • Achieve certification in the Prosci change management methodology
  • Gain access to Prosci change management tools
  • Earn HRCI, PMI and CCMP credits

Program Agenda

Day one:

  • Why change management?
  • The ROI of effective change management
  • The Prosci ADKAR Model
  • Seven concepts of change
  • Preparing for change: assessing change readiness

Day two:

  • Preparing for change: building team structure and assessing sponsorship
  • Managing change: creating customized communication and sponsorship plans
  • Executive project plan presentations

Day three:

  • Managing change: creating coaching, training and resistance management plans
  • Reinforcing change
  • Exam and graduation

Note on Time Requirements:

You will need to be online for 6 hours each day during the dedicated class time. In addition, you will have assignments that you must complete independently outside of class time, estimated to take 4 hours total.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to understand what you can expect when you attend this Virtual Instructor-Led Program.

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ADKAR – A Model for Individual Change

The ADKAR model was first published in 1998 in an article titled, The Perfect Change by Jeff Hiatt. Since that time, ADKAR has become one of the most frequently sought after change management models in Prosci’s methodology and courses. It is easy to remember and strikes a chord in many individuals that allows them to make sense of the overall change management process. ADKAR presents five stages that individuals go through when making a change:

  • Awareness of the need to change
  • Desire to participate and support the change
  • Knowledge about how to change
  • Ability to implement new skills and behaviors
  • Reinforcement to keep the change in place

This model identifies both the stages and sequence required for an individual to experience successful change. In business changes, the model is central for managing personal transitions and as a guide for developing change management plans. The best way to understand ADKAR is to complete a short exercise about a change you are trying to facilitate with another person, and analyze the resulting ADKAR profile (coming next). Following that exercise, we provide a case study about a father and daughter to show how a barrier to change can be overcome. Once you understand the ADKAR model and how it is used to manage transitions, you can:

  • Focus conversations, especially when dealing with resistant employees.
  • Diagnose gaps in the change management program for each group or department.
  • Identify corrective actions based on specific desired results.