Prosci Change Management Certification

Join the 100,000+ Prosci-certified change practitioners who are equipped with everything they need to apply change management on a project and gain the most requested and sought-after change management certification in the discipline.

The Prosci Certification Course helps individuals and organisations manage change effectively through the application of a research-based change management methodology and toolset.

Program Overview

Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program is an interactive, three-day learning experience where participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. During the program, they apply Prosci’s holistic change management methodology to a current project. By the end of the program, participants have the foundation of a Change Management Plan to address and enhance a specific project.

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Who Is This Course For?

Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program is ideal for those responsible for driving change. Participants are predominantly in the following roles:

  • Change leaders
  • Project managers
  • IT professionals
  • Project team members
  • Change management practitioners
  • Continuous improvement specialists
  • Human resource business partners
  • Organisation development professionals

Learning Objectives

During the Change Management Certification Program, participants learn how to:

  • Define change management
  • Explain the value of change management
  • Apply the Prosci ADKAR® Model to facilitate individual change
  • Apply the Prosci 3-Phase Process for organisational change
  • Activate roles that contribute to change success
  • Formulate the foundation of a Change Management Plan to address a specific project

Participants gain credentials and more, including:

  • The Prosci Certified Change Practitioner distinction
  • Access to advanced Prosci change management tools
  • HRCI, PMI and CCMP credits (available in certain countries)

Course Highlights

Course Prosci Practitioner Certification Course
Delivery mode Online – Via Zoom or In person
Course duration 3 consecutive days
Class hours 8 hours per day
Pre-learning work Yes (Due 5 days before class)
Class work Lectures, group activities, oral presentations and an exam assessment on the last day
Early bird or bundled discounts Available via our sales representatives
Group of participants If you have a group of participants, we can deliver directly to you. Use the contact us form to learn more
Virtual program equipment required Computer with built-in webcam and microphone and broadband internet connection
Work-staycation program equipment required

Work-staycation Hotel: Auberge Discovery Bay – Hong Kong
Duration: 4 days 3 nights, including 3 day training
Room Type: Mountain view Single or Double room
Work-staycation Includes
– Daily buffet breakfast and lunch per occupancy at Café bord de Mer, G/F
– Complimentary Tea time and Full day coffee/ tea during training period
– Complimentary in-room wired internet and wifi access
– Complimentary local phone call
– Complimentary use of gymnasium

Available Course Dates

15th -17th March 2023

(English - Virtual)

Program Agenda

Day 1

  • Welcome and Connection
  • Foundation
  • PCT Model
  • ADKAR Model
  • Prosci 3-Phase Process:
    Phase 1 – Prepare Approach
  • Knowledge Check

    Day 2:

    • Day 1 Review
    • Prosci 3-Phase Process:
      Phase 1 – Prepare Approach
    • Prosci 3-Phase Process:
      Phase 2 – Manage Change
    • Knowledge Check

      Day 3:

      • Day 2 Review
      • Prosci 3-Phase Process:
        Phase 2 – Manage Change
      • Prosci 3-Phase Process:
        Phase 3 – Sustain Outcomes
      • Deliver Presentations
      • Next Steps and Evaluation
      • Graduation

        Note on Time Requirements

        You will need to be online for 6 hours each day during the dedicated class time. In addition, you will have assignments that you must complete independently outside of class time, estimated to take 4 hours total. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to understand what you can expect when you attend this Virtual Instructor-Led Program. Download the brochure for the Virtual Change Management Certification Program


        About the Program

        “excellent methodology and simple tools that are really powerful”

        “virtual training can be fun and effective”

        “online based learning for this course worked really really well!”

        About the Instructor:

        “gave me lots of confidence to move into the exercises”

        “created a very open and respectful environment”,

        “introduced as a group in a really welcoming manner”

        What were the course strengths?

        “The real-life examples that made the teaching points accessible and relevant”

        “I could walk away from this course and apply the learnings and use the tools straight away at work which is brilliant”

        “Demonstrated that change management is a learnable skill and has a clear structure that can be followed”

        “It was so well run!”

        Your final thoughts?

        “Thank you for running the 3-day session via zoom. I know it could not have been easy – a credit to your expertise for sure”

        “Thank you for an awesome learning intense 3 days!!”

        “A big thank you”

        ADKAR – A Model for Individual Change

        The ADKAR model was first published in 1998 in an article titled, The Perfect Change by Jeff Hiatt. Since that time, ADKAR has become one of the most frequently sought after change management models in Prosci’s methodology and courses. It is easy to remember and strikes a chord in many individuals that allows them to make sense of the overall change management process. ADKAR presents five stages that individuals go through when making a change:

        • Awareness of the need to change
        • Desire to participate and support the change
        • Knowledge about how to change
        • Ability to implement new skills and behaviours
        • Reinforcement to keep the change in place

        This model identifies both the stages and sequence required for an individual to experience successful change. In business changes, the model is central for managing personal transitions and as a guide for developing change management plans. The best way to understand ADKAR is to complete a short exercise about a change you are trying to facilitate with another person, and analyse the resulting ADKAR profile (coming next). Following that exercise, we provide a case study about a father and daughter to show how a barrier to change can be overcome. Once you understand the ADKAR model and how it is used to manage transitions, you can:


        • Focus conversations, especially when dealing with resistant employees.
        • Diagnose gaps in the change management program for each group or department.
        • Identify corrective actions based on specific desired results.

        An Engaging Virtual Learning Experience

        Creating unforgettable experiences for our clients is one of Prosci’s core values. And Prosci has designed the online version of the certification program with the customer experience top of mind.

        To ensure a remarkable learning experience, the online program option features:

        • Master Instructors trained in the latest learning techniques
        • A user-friendly, feature-rich online classroom technology
        • Multiple interactive capabilities, such as “raising your hand,” asking questions via a chat function, receiving real-time responses to your questions, and participating in contests
        • Face-to-face interaction with the instructor and with other attendees who engage using their webcams
        • Breakout sessions throughout, to collaborate in smaller groups
        • Networking opportunities such as sharing insights with your peers via live polling
        • Regular breaks and energiser activities
        • Small class size, to optimise the interactive learning experience

        The Renowned Prosci Methodology

        Prosci has been a leader in the change management field for over 20 years and to date, we’ve certified more than 75,000 practitioners worldwide. The Prosci Methodology taught in Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program is based on more than two decades of industry research. During the program, we provide multiple knowledge checks along the way to ensure you can apply this best-practices approach to drive change success moving forward.

        Advanced Prosci Hub Solution Suite Tools

        Prosci is committed to offering considerable value in every change management program and solution. In addition to providing you an unparalleled learning experience in our Change Management Certification Program, we include a one-year subscription to our online suite of advanced digital solutions to guide and support you in your change management endeavors. The Prosci Hub Solution Suite provides anytime, anywhere access via the Prosci Portal to digital content, resources and tools that help you excel in change management. During and after the program, you’ll have access to advanced cloud-based tools and resources including:

        • Research Hub – A single point of access to Prosci research, including core studies, topical studies and relevant data across a broad array of topics. Reference over 20 years of best practices, lessons learned and insights from thousands of change leaders around the world.
        • Knowledge Hub – A single point of access to content and resources related to a specific Prosci training program or learning experience. Transition from learning to application by understanding key concepts and building new skills to succeed at change.
        • Proxima – A web application that guides you through the Prosci 3-Phase Process focusing on the people side of change throughout a project or initiative. Achieve change success and deliver value to the organisation by following a structured, adaptable and repeatable approach.

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