What is change management?


Change management applies a consistent framework and discipline to organisations and projects that helps to drive and manage the employee adoption of new systems, products and processes.

Change management strategies and plans are designed to ensure:

  • Employees adopt change faster; become more proficient and effective helping achieve your project’s return on investment sooner.
  • Re-work costs associated with people not using the new system or process or doing it poorly are avoided
  • Realisation of the benefits of your change – it’s the people who need to make change effective and change management helps achieve that.
  • Your organisation meets your objectives – data shows that projects with effective change management are more likely to meet objectives, stay on schedule and budget.

When implementing change, it’s important to remember that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to getting it right. It might be tempting to simply add on a standardised change management plan to a project but it’s no guarantee of success.

Change Enablers work with your organisation to assess:

  1. Scale of the change taking place – Does your organisation plan to undertake transformational change? Are there multiple change projects required in the majority of business functions? Is there a high degree of control for change required or are small-scale incremental changes taking place within individual departments and teams?
  2. Existing organisational structures – Is there an already established project management practice in your organisation? Is there competition for resources?
  3. Level of Maturity – How ready for change is your organisation? Is methodology, documentation and performance metrics already defined, understood and successfully in use? Are there economies of scale in project implementation and a process of continuous improvement? What has been your people’s experience of change in the past?

The Change Enablement Difference: Coaching

  • High quality coaching sessions
  • Access to an experienced coach with extensive practical Business and Change Management experience
  • Customised programs to support the individual and organisational needs
  • Support on use of Prosci tools and techniques
  • A confidential, safe online environment for growing confidence and skills as a Change Manager
  • All newly certified Prosci practitioners will have access to 5 hours of group coaching as part of their certification package
  • Additional coaching and 1:1 coaching can be negotiated

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